Pauline Irving

Pauline Irving is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Pauline Irving


Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Positive EFT Practitioner, Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner, Reiki Jin-Kei Do, Life Coach, Applied Science Community & Human Services Diploma

Enjoy working one to one; with families or in a group setting

Thank you for connecting with me and I hope you may find this page helpful and informative.  Whether you are looking out of curiosity; wanting new ways to improve, or enhance your general health and happiness; or to address emotional/physical pain, or conflict, I hope that I can assist you.

As a qualified Shiatsu Practitioner I have always been drawn to the concept that the balance of our body's energy plays an important role in how we respond to change mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Energy in various parts of the world is known as Chi/Qi in China, Ki in Japan, Prana in India, and in more recent years Universal Energy in the Western World.  Not only do we have energy running thorugh pathways in our body known as meridians but we are surrounded by energy (electromagnetic energy) and this energy surrounding us can also impact upon our health and wellbeing.

If this energy flows freely then a person will feel centred and focussed, and generally will have very few health ailments.  If this energy becomes blocked within the meridians then the person will feel levels of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, tiredness and will not be managing too well.  There are several factors that can block our energy these may include mental/emotional issues; physcial pain/trauma; under or over exertion; diet and environmental factors.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can address the above factors.  By tapping on, or holding, various points on the surface of the body's meridians and by focussing on a specific issue that is causing discomfort, the energy shifts and moves more freely.  The person can feel freer in themselves.  They may also have a 'aha moment' when something suddenly occurs to them!  So not only does the tapping shift and unblock energy, it can shift our thinking and our behaviour. 

Thank you for your time and interest. 


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